8 Tips For Combating Neuropathy With A Foot Spa

 foot relief for neuropathy
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 foot spa for neuropathy

Easing The Pain Of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a type of disease that damages the body's nerves to the extent that you begin to lose sensitivity to external elements and motor functions. Usually, your total nervous system is comprised of two parts, which are the peripheral nervous system and central nervous system. The peripheral nervous system sends signals into designated portions of the body from the central nervous system.

Therefore, neuropathy may damage the peripheral nervous system directly, which has an adverse effect on your autonomic, motor, and sensory nerves. Usually, around 8% of people over 55 years old exhibit neuropathy signs, so acquiring this disease later in life is more common. Another thing to be aware of is that neuropathy is commonly found in patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, so you are at risk of developing neuropathy if you have diabetes.

 foot spa for neuropathy

1What Is At Risk The Most

Out of all parts of the body that exhibit neuropathy symptoms, it has a tendency to most commonly affect the feet. In fact, individuals suffering from neuropathy lose sensation in their feet, and that makes them more prone to injuries and infections. You might be at risk if your feet feel weak and numb.

Some medications can be taken. But alternative medicines are often recommended by doctors to help deal with the nervous system condition. For a more in-depth look into the medical options for easing pain caused by neuropathy, keep reading.

 at home remedies for neuropathy

2Foot Spa Treatment

This is a relaxing and basic in-home remedy that reduces foot discomfort. When a warm foot soak is used for treating neuropathy, it is guaranteed that it will reduce the tension and swelling in your feet. It does this by improving your blood circulation.

Individuals go to spas on a regular basis and spend hundreds of dollars per session to have a soothing foot soak. These days, foot spas are available for sale that you can buy to provide you with the ability to massage and soak your feet right from the comfort of your home. Some foot spas have preset features that shoot streams of water and vibrate to massage your feet effectively and bring life back to them. Whenever you are using a foot spa, it is possible to combine it with massage therapies, like aromatherapy, to increase the beneficial effects of the treatment.

 foot spa for neuropathy

3Foot Spa Benefits For Neuropathy

The foot spa is the number one recommendation from doctors for simple in-home neuropathy treatment. When you start incorporating a foot spa into your routine on a daily basis, it will become an integral part of leading a healthy life. In general, foot baths are known as a very effective treatment to manage pain and reduce stress levels without having to experience side effects that prescribed medications commonly are associated with.

If you are taking drugs already for addressing another illness or disease, a foot soak will not counteract it negatively or generate adverse side effects. For instance, the leading massage therapy option for diabetics is a foot spa. And it is both inexpensive and convenient.

 foot spa for neuropathy

4Combining A Foot Spa With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils for some therapeutic effects to be induced and can target your feet. Feelings of relaxation and calmness are induced by lavender, which helps with decreasing pain. It exhibits anti-inflammatory properties as well that are perfect for reducing neuropathy in your feet.

It is well known that helichrysum expedites pain relief. This makes it perfect for being able to treat neuropathy within just a few minutes. You can expect an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect that will be very beneficial when being treated with a foot soak.

Peppermint is a kind of cooling agent that works to combat irritation and redness that have built up in your feet from neuropathy. The smell of peppermint sharpens your focus and enhances your mood. The oil is a stimulant and, therefore, should not be combined with a foot spa before going to bed.

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5Using Essential Oils Correctly

Specific steps need to be taken to maximize the benefits of your aromatherapy treatment since it is easy to misuse essential oils. Mix in four to six drops of your favorite essential oil, along with one teaspoon of coconut oil as your carrier oil. Or you can add a couple of drops of oil directly into the foot spa's water.

Epsom salts can be added to the foot spa to accentuate the therapeutic results of the spa for neuropathy, but this is optional. In fact, it has been scientifically proven that the magnesium contained in the salts help to relax the muscles in your foot. To do this, you just need to add 1/4 cup of Epsom salt.

In general, your salt to oil ratio should be around three to one. To make sure that the oils are fully absorbed by the salt, mix both of them in a bowl, and then put it into the water. After the water in the foot spa is ready, pour your oil and salt mixture in and then swirl the water so that the salt is dissolved completely.

 at home remedies for neuropathy

6Cold And Hot Relief From A Foot Spa

Regarding the water temperature needed for a foot soak to be effective, people tend to be torn between a cold and hot water temperature. The best thing to do would be to consult with your doctor and ask which water temperature is best for reducing the neuropathy within your feet. There isn't any right answer for finding the correct water temperature to use in a foot spa that can guarantee optimal results for pain management.

Some people like switching up foot spa treatments and using cold water one time and hot water the next so that their foot pain is more manageable and doesn't continue worsening over time. Other people like the soothing effects provided by hot water. Other individuals find that a slight numbing effect is produced by ice water that helps with alleviating foot pain also.

 foot spa for neuropathy

7Hot Relief From A Foot Spa

When warm water is used for a foot spa treatment, it acts to reduce the pressure that's causing the foot pain, increases blood circulation, and decreases swelling and inflammation. To receive a full foot spa treatment, doctors recommend that you use warm water to soak your feet. Do this for around 20 minutes.

The temperature of your water should reach between 92 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn't be too hot because you could end up with severe burns. This won't help to treat your neuropathy effectively.

 foot spa for neuropathy

8Cold Relief From A Foot Spa

When cold water is used in a foot spa, it isn't as soothing as when you use warm water. But the pain relief it provides will be faster compared to a warm foot soak. You only have to submerge your feet for 15 seconds in cold water, or a cold gel pack can be applied for about 25 minutes.

Using cold water effectively eliminates toxins in your feet, which makes your body feel invigorated to the extent that you will forget you are suffering from neuropathy. Typically, people will fill up their foot spa with ice to numb their feet to reduce fluid buildup and swelling. So if a hot foot soak does not appear to be working, your next option is to try a cold one for pain relief from neuropathy.

 at home remedies for neuropathy

For individuals having to deal with neuropathy effects, you can change your lifestyle to fight the pain that your feet are suffering from. A foot spa is a treatment for neuropathy. It is an easy and sure method for easing foot pain without needing to deal with negative side effects that neuropathy medications are associated with.

Hopefully, you will make a wise decision. Start incorporating a foot soak as part of your daily regimen. Your feet will get the relief they deserve.

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