3 Easy Home Remedies For Neuropathy

 foot spa for neuropathy
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 foot spa for neuropathy

Well-Known Remedies To Provide Relief

Coping with pain is hard. A person's day can be negatively affected by pain that lasts just a few moments. Chronic or consistent pain that appears at inopportune times can eat away a person’s quality of life. Neuropathy has the unfortunate position of being one of the most difficult to cope with.

It is hard to treat, and it feels as if the pain is deep within the bone. Using neuropathy home remedies is more advantageous over using prescribed medication. Medication for neuropathy is limited in its capabilities.

Neuropathy medication, at best, numbs the pain at the expense of adverse side effects. At worst, the medicine does nothing. It is reported that pain medication just reduces pain by as little as 25 percent of its total intensity.

However, an alternative is available. The following tips and details will help you manage your pain and enjoy a higher quality of life. While the tips won't get rid of the pain totally, they will help reduce the pain significantly.

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1Eat Superfoods, Monitor Glucose Levels

It is essential to monitor your glucose levels and keep your blood sugar under control if you suffer from diabetes-related neuropathy. If you fail to do this, you could end up making the pain worse over time. This could lead to severe nerve damage.

Carefully monitor what you eat. Planning meals in advance will pay off since it will ensure that you achieve the ideal nutritional balance. Incorporating superfoods into your diet is one of the best things you can do that will have a significant impact. Superfoods are foods containing different nutrients that can be enjoyed easily in one place. Examples of superfoods include avocados, tomatoes, nuts, oranges, and berries.

The foods provide everything from vitamins and non-saturated fats. These are necessary for the growth and maintenance of cells and brain function and mood regulation. Simply put, the stronger that your body is and the less harmful things present, the better and easier it will be to deal with pain if it's present.

 foot spa for neuropathy

2Meditation And Exercise

The fact that exercise makes the body stronger is no secret. It helps with your metabolism, mood, circulation, and much more. Just 15 minutes of exercise each day has been proven to significantly increase the cardiac rhythm, quality of sleep, and a host of other vital bodily functions.

When you are in pain, the last thing that you probably look forward to doing is exercising. The numbness or pain can make working out feel awkward or strenuous. The truth is that even casual activity, not intensity-based, can still have a significant impact on your overall state of health.

If you are not able to push yourself to do hard lifting workouts, it is perfectly okay if you begin with lighter exercises. Stress-relieving activities also help ensure that the body is not stuck in fight or flight mode. These reduce the stress that usually accompanies neuropathy.

It is impossible to overstate the impact that stress has on the body. It raises anxiety, weakens the immune system, and prevents you from enjoying quality sleep. Guided meditation is another activity that helps mitigate pain. Taking just 30 minutes a day for thoughtful meditation has been shown to reduce pain, along with the stress levels, while promoting improved brain function.

Whenever possible, find a quiet space once each day. Play some relaxing music and solely focus on your breathing. Balance your intent to relax the muscles and allow the mind to wander in case it happens. Put yourself in a comfortable lying or sitting position with your eyes closed and take in slow, deep breaths.

One thing that tends to discourage people is the urge to expect instant results. It is not immediate. But you can start to experience substantial effects within the first seven to 14 days.

 foot spa for neuropathy

3Vitamin B And D Supplements & More

Using vitamins to supplement your healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to boost the body and reduce your pain in the process. Vitamin B and D have both been tested, and various case studies have reported reductions of pain in patients who participated. The most suitable amount of vitamin B is between 14 and 19 milligrams. The recommended vitamin D dosage for pain ranges between 15 and 24 milligrams taken orally.

The two vitamins working in tandem can be quite beneficial to the overall health of the nervous system and circulation. Vitamin B promotes the general health of nerves and most cells. Vitamin D helps the body break down and use other nutrients properly.

Together, the two vitamins can improve the ability of the body to find nerve damage and, in some instances, even promote regeneration. Alpha-lipoic acid has also been proven to be a highly beneficial supplement when it comes to improving neuropathy-related pain. It is an antioxidant that helps protect the cells in the body and make sure that harmful chemicals are not allowed to interact and cause problems in the body. It helps mitigate pain by significantly improving the healthy environment that the body tries to maintain. Incorporating all three into your diet, coupled with the points above, you are likely to experience a reduction in your pain level by 20 to 40 percent.

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The Bottom Line

It can seem hard to deal with neuropathy at a time. The only right path to a better life is by establishing a complete system for how to improve your overall mental state and nerve health. While it might seem to be a long road, what matters is each step.

If you want to prevent nerve problems from getting worse, you should maintain a diet of consistent quality. Getting adequate sleep and exercising regularly will help improve your overall mood and give your body the time it requires to fight the pain and repair itself. If you have experience dealing with neuropathy, check out the guide to get the best treatment for your foot pain.

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