An 8-Part Guide On Treating Diabetic Neuropathy

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Treating Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy affects over 20 million people in the world. It is a condition that can result in serious, long-term effects. This is why it is paramount to use diabetic neuropathy treatment to protect your body from further damage.

Our effort to help you in this document is by highlighting the top five diabetic neuropathy treatment products. There is nothing to worry about because the treatment products have been tested and reviewed. Therefore, be sure that they work, and by the end of this article, you would have identified the right treatment device for you.

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1What Is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a medical term that is used to define issues that occur within the nervous system. These problems mainly arise in the peripheral nerves and not in the central nervous system. Below are the most affected nerves when a person is diagnosed with neuropathy.

  • Sensory nerves (responsible for controlling sensations) – it causes numbness, pain in the feet and hands, tingling, and weakness.
  • Motor nerves (responsible for power and movement) – it causes weaknesses in the feet and hands.
  • Automatic nerves (responsible for controlling body systems such as gut and bladder) – it causes sweating, blood pressure, and heartbeat change.

Research shows that this condition occurs in over 70% of people who have diabetes. However, the symptoms may take over ten years to manifest or develop fully. People who are at risk the most are those who have been diagnosed with diabetes for over 25 years.

Diabetic neuropathy is a progressive condition. This can make the body's system to worsen over time. It has been proven that people with high cholesterol levels in their blood and those who refuse to control their blood sugar levels are the most vulnerable.

Therefore, if you have diabetes and experiencing weakness, pain, or numbness, it is wise to contact your doctor. This is because these are early symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. You may experience infections in an extreme case. This is why it is paramount to frequently monitor your blood sugar level and call your doctor if you experience neuropathy symptoms.

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2Diabetic Neuropathy Causes

There are several diabetic neuropathy causes. For example, too much blood sugar may damage delicate nerve fibers, which will result in this condition. The reason why it occurs is not apparent; however, a combination of a few factors do play a role. It also includes the complex interaction between nerves and blood vessels.

High blood sugar interferes with the signal transmitted by the nerves. Nevertheless, it has been proven that it weakens small blood vessel walls. This will end up affecting the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

Genetic factors do also come into play. These are factors that are mainly not related to diabetes that makes a group of people susceptible to nerve damage. Smoking and alcohol abuse are known to damage the nerves and blood vessels and increases the probability of getting infections. An autoimmune response is also known to cause nerve inflammation. This occurs when the body's immune system attacks a particular part of the body as if it is a foreign organism.

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3Diabetic Neuropathy Types And Symptoms

There are four different types of diabetic neuropathy. A person with any of these types may experience one or multiple symptoms. A majority of these signs develop over a more extended period, and a person may not even realize that they have it until damages occur.

The fact is that diabetic neuropathy signs will differ. It will generally depend on the neuropathy type a person is suffering from. It will also depend on the kind of nerve that is being affected.

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Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Out of the four types, diabetic peripheral neuropathy is the most common and widely known. It affects the feet, legs, hands, and arms. Peripheral neuropathy symptoms mainly manifest during the evening, and they are listed below.

  •        Muscle pain
  •        Loss of balance and coordination
  •        Sharp pain or cramps
  •        Reflex loss
  •        Increased touch sensitivity
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Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

It is essential to note that the autonomic system is what controls the stomach, bladder, eyes, heart, sex organs, and lungs. Diabetes affects the nerves in each area. It can lead to the issues listed below.

  •        Sexual difficulties in men
  •        Vaginal dryness in women
  •        Erectile dysfunction in men
  •        Constipation
  •        Body’s inability to control blood pressure
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Radiculoplexus Neuropathy

Radiculoplexus neuropathy symptoms rarely affect the whole body (often affects one part of the body). But in rare cases, it can spread to other parts of the body. The condition causes muscle weakness, abdominal swelling, and problems standing up after sitting.

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Mononeuropathy is defined as damage to a single nerve. It can be located anywhere, such as in the torso, leg, or even face. Even though this condition causes pressing pain, it does not lead to long-term problems. Symptoms mainly tend to disappear within a few months. Its symptoms include chest and abdominal pain, pelvis and lower back pain, and thigh pain.

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4When To Seek Medical Attention

It is wise to seek medical attention if you begin to experience the symptoms below.

  •        Dizziness
  •        Weakness in the hands or feet
  •        Change in sexual function, urination, or digestion
  •        A sore foot that is not healing or showing its infected

Even though these symptoms do not directly indicate diabetic neuropathy pain, they may be showing additional conditions that will require medical attention. Always remember that early treatment is an excellent way to control these symptoms. It will also prevent long-term problems.

Even the slightest sore on the feet may lead to bigger problems if left unchecked. Foot ulcers may become fatal in rare cases. If this occurs, a person will have to undergo either a surgery process or amputation. Early treatment is the only way a person can protect themselves.

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5Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment

The good news is that there are few ways to treat diabetic neuropathy. Each method is natural, making it safe while giving the body a gradual approach to heal itself. Below are the six ways one can treat diabetic neuropathy.

  •        Control your blood sugar
  •        Avoid smoking
  •        Follow a healthy diet
  •        Practice relaxation techniques
  •        Use pain relievers
  •        Protect your skin
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Control Your Blood Sugar

If you fail to monitor your diabetes, your body’s blood glucose level will start to rise. The excessive blood sugar will, over time, begin to damage the peripheral nerves. The peripheral nerves connect to the brain as well as other parts of the body. People that don’t keep their blood sugar under control are more likely to experience diabetic neuropathy.

If you manage to maintain your blood sugar at a range of seven percent or lower, you will lower the chances of nerve damage by 60 percent. Having a healthy level of blood sugar slows the process. It helps ease the pain that diabetic neuropathy causes.

Here are some tips for keeping your blood sugar level under control. Take the medication prescribed for blood sugar. Work out five days weekly for at least thirty minutes each time. Follow a diet that contains fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and a moderate amount of fish, beans, and nuts, and low on red meat, too.

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Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking tends to constrict the circulation of blood. It constricts blood vessels, thus making it harder for the blood to flow through the body. The result is that the peripheral nerves will have fewer nutrient-rich content than usual. The body will then start experiencing more pain due to this.

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Follow A Healthy Diet

Diet is one of the main factors that determine your blood sugar level. Focus on lowering your intake of carbs, foods, and beverages high in sugar and eating unprocessed foods. You can enhance your diet immediately using a few simple tips. Replace beverages, such as soda, with herbal tea and water. You should also try to keep your diet filled with non-saturated fats and healthy proteins as opposed to refined carbohydrates.

Ensure that your diet includes foods high in fiber. Most of them are rich in nutrients but do not contain sugars that may affect blood sugar levels. Some of the foods high in fiber include fish, lean proteins, and fruits. Fish caught in the wild contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. The acids help to lower the triglycerides and apoproteins that usually cause diabetic problems.

Lean proteins, including sprouted beans, grass-fed beef, and pasture-raised chicken, are excellent sources of lean protein. If you don't use 100 percent natural meats, it may trigger your diabetic neuropathy. Fruits and vegetables usually contain high amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes, like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

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Practice Relaxation Techniques

Diabetic neuropathy is usually correlated with anxiety and depression. Both can make the condition worse, thus making it harder for the body to function normally. Ensure that you consult a physician if you experience any of these issues.

You can use a few techniques to monitor and regulate stress levels: visualization, meditation, massage, and yoga. In biofeedback, a machine monitors the brain waves, body temperature, and heart rate. With biofeedback, it is easier to control the response of your body to stress or other symptoms.

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Use Pain Relievers

Mild to moderate levels of diabetic neuropathy can be alleviated by relievers, like ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. If you plan to take them regularly, you should first talk to your doctor. Some of the drugs can even increase the chance of a heart attack or stroke.

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Protect Your Skin

The skin is frequently exposed to tons of germs that may trigger diabetic neuropathy. You should monitor any symptoms to find out whether any signs of nerve damage can be identified in all areas of the body. To prevent bacteria and moisture from causing further infection, wash your feet and your skin every day.

Your clothes can play a huge role in reducing further damage. Wear protective clothing and socks and keep your delicate skin away from the sun. If any redness is noted in your skin, consult your doctor for a solution to the problem.

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6A Review On The Different Treatment Types

Now, onto the review section. All products listed here have capabilities and strengths to treat diabetic neuropathy. Irrespective of the option you buy, you are making a conscious decision to treat your condition fully.

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Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Feet System

Diabetic neuropathy in feet can be a severe condition. It is the reason for the design of the Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Feet System. It provides a non-invasive and non-narcotic form of treatment that helps reduce the amount of pain associated with diabetic neuropathy.

The TENS setting is a feature that sets this product from the competition. It is a setting that allows for additional functionality while treating multiple pain-related issues related to your body. For example, it has a "Neuro A and B" that are designed for targeting nerve pain. You will love the product if you would like to have total control over the treatment of your condition.

Here is a review of the Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Feet System. Unlike the basic TENS simulators, this particular device creates an auto-feedback loop that's more advanced and precise. This makes it possible for the Neuro to monitor and regulate voltage based on the different masses in the body. This means that the simulator can tell whether you are overweight or thin.

The product's reliability is another thing that consumers like. After just two weeks, consumers noted a reduction in diabetic neuropathy flare-ups and a reduction in pain. This makes it the ideal option for those seeking relief from diabetic neuropathy foot pain.

However, there are several drawbacks associated with the product's battery. Ensure that you keep an additional set of Li-ion batteries. You will have a spare should the main batteries begin to fail.

The Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Feet System is overall the best when it comes to treating neuropathy. It is reliable, easy to use, and works effectively to reduce nerve pain. Buy this if you would like to prevent further damage to the nerves in the body.

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Orthofeet Women's Diabetic Shoes

Our next product is Orthofeet's women's diabetic shoes. These walking shoes are very well designed and are used for supporting and protecting your feet against diabetic neuropathy. The front features breathable mesh material, which lets air into your toes so they can breathe.

Here are the technical specifications of Orthofeet's women's diabetic shoes. This product has a 1/2-inch heel, a lightweight design, non-binding, orthotic support, and is made of leather and fabric. The main thing consumers really like about this product is the comfort. They love these shoes because they fit easily through their braces, and they provide a sufficient amount of support so that your feet are kept protected through daily use. If you are searching for the finest pair of women's diabetic shoes, then this product can definitely help you.

The 1/2-inch heel is great since it enables you to walk naturally. It provides you with a safe platform for walking on and also provides the same amount of mobility that a tennis shoe does. This pair of shoes is one you will like if you are looking to alleviate the diabetic neuropathy pain you are suffering from while also being able to walk safely at the same time.

Cheaper shoes for helping with neuropathy result in nerve pain increasing in your feet. But these shoes do a magnificent job of keeping your feet pain-free. For instance, the product features a wide toe box that provides your feet with enough space for moving around. There have been frequent reports by shoppers of having problems with the size of the shoes. For these shoes to work well for you, get one that is a size smaller than your regular size.

Orthofeet's women's diabetic shoes are, by far, one of the best shoes to wear if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy. The shoes offer comfort and protection and help you walk without making your joints hurt. Buy these shoes if you would like your walking to improve while also reducing diabetic neuropathy in your feet at the same time.

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Forefoot Protection Socks

People who wear these socks like the stability that they offer. They feature low-friction fabric to make sure that your feet are always protected. Also, your toes are able to comfortably move around without feeling restrained. If you would like to move around without any nerve pain being triggered, get these socks that are made with GlideWear fabric, Coolmax Lycra material to keep moisture away from your skin, increase comfort, and provide long-lasting protection.

Here is an overview of forefoot protection socks. Another advantage provided by neuropathy therapy socks is their Lycra material. It is a flexible material, which means that it doesn't bind to your feet. This product has been praised by people with severe diabetic neuropathy since it helps to improve foot movement overall. If you would like socks that help ensure that your feet are kept safe, then check out this product.

Keep in mind that sheer and friction are dangerous for individuals with diabetes. If they aren't tended to properly, they can lead to calluses, wounds, and ulcers. Fortunately, patented technology is used by these socks to protect your feet. Individuals liked the product since it reduced friction, which helped to prevent more serious injuries.

There are some complaints from users. They said that these socks do tend to make their feet sweat. In order to solve this problem, stay away from areas with high heat levels.

One of the top men's diabetic socks is the forefoot protection socks. These socks use premium materials and technology to help individuals with diabetes to be able to walk safely. If your feet need protection from diabetic neuropathy, then you should plan to purchase this product.

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Neuropaquell Nerve Support Formula

Diabetic neuropathy supplements are effective at providing nerve pain relief. The Neruopaquell Nerve Support Formula comes in capsule form and has been proven to give positive results for individuals who have this condition. It is ILRT-certified and was voted number one pain reliever and contains L-arginine, B1, and B12; it offers the best pain relief for neuropathy.

Its fast pain relief is what makes the supplement so exceptional. It takes, on average, around 14 days for it to fully work. Users report getting better sleep and reduced pain after they use the product. Therefore, it is an ideal option for individuals who want to get relief from their diabetic neuropathy problems quickly.

We recommend that you take two pills with each meal. That enables your body to digest the supplement fully. Since there are natural vitamin B ingredients in the supplement, it works to help ensure that your body continues to function in a highly efficient way.

L-arginine is its main ingredient, which helps with reducing nerve pain. For example, it enables the body to open up the blood vessels for improved circulation. The improved blood flow allows the users of the product to keep their bodies intact and regulate their blood sugar levels at the same time. This product is one you will like if you would like your blood flow to improve throughout your body. However, not everyone will achieve the same results; if you are aren't sure if the product can help you with your current condition, then check with your doctor.

Neuropaquell Nerve Support Formula is a product we like. It enables you to quickly recover from nerve pain. It also contains natural ingredients for preventing diabetic neuropathy injuries. Purchase this product if you would like your body to return to normal once again.

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MyoMed P.R.O. Relief Cream

Apply this cream to the area where your pain is. This cream provides fast relief due to its all-natural blend of potent homeopathic oil. This fact makes this cream a great tool for preventing even more nerve damage. It is 100% natural, toxin-free, safe to use, offers fast neuropathy relief, and can be absorbed quickly.

Here is an overview of MyoMed P.R.O. Relief Cream. Among the things that put it above all others are the healing properties of this cream. It utilizes homeopathic oils, which allows the users to start to feel relief almost instantly. Within a few days, they started noticing fewer ulcers within the skin, bleeding, and swelling. The cream is guaranteed to eliminate your nerve pain and is reliable.

It refreshes your skin and also provides relief to return comfort to your body. However, some users have reported that the cream lacks consistency. If that problem occurs, then replace the product.

MyoMed P.R.O. Relief Cream is still the top diabetic neuropathy pain relief cream. Also, it is 100% natural, which means that your skin won't be affected by unwanted chemicals. It also only takes a few days for your skin to start improving. Purchase this cream to protect your skin and nerves from further damage.

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7Understand What Your Needs Are

Knowing everything you possibly can about your medical condition is very important. This enables you to optimize which of the products will be the most effective for you. For instance, if you have a difficult time walking, diabetic neuropathy socks can immediately treat that problem.

Determine what is needed for treating your condition. After you have done so, choose a product that has features that provide the most utility to you. That will help to ensure that you invest in the right tools to treat your diabetic neuropathy and stop further pain.

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8Consult With Your Doctor

Before purchasing any products, we recommend that you speak with your doctor. Talking to your doctor about your health is your first step towards getting the right treatment. You will be diagnosed with your condition and be given recommendations on which products on our list are the best for you.

That will save you time and help prevent additional health issues from occurring. When your diabetic neuropathy is neglected, the chances that you will be exposed to even more serious ailments are higher. When you consult with your doctor, it is one good way of getting expert advice on the best way to heal your body completely.

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Conclusion On Alleviating Foot Pain

The winner is the Ultima Neuro Neuropathy Feet System. It utilizes cutting-edge technology. This will assist the users in tracking their diabetic neuropathy.

The device offers precision in how your body type is measured. It is an excellent tool. It can treat your condition effectively.

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